I’ve Seen A Peanut Stand

I’ve seen a rubber band/ I’ve seen a needle that winks it eye but I have never seen a dinner as easy as this.

I have never been a huge fan of Dumbo- but it makes a great theme for a dinner or party. Carnival/ Circus themed parties are very popular right now and stores are filled with supplies- making it specifically Dumbo definitely gives your circus party a little more direction.


Like I mentioned in a previous post I did this dinner amidst the craziness of the holidays – and I must say this was perfect to adapt into a super quick dinner. If you are not doing dinners in order this is a great one to do on a night when you are strapped for time.

It is also great for a large party because everything is so easy.

What I did-

Made Popcorn in My FunTime TableTop Popcorn Maker - microwaveable popcorn would work too

Bought Animal Crackers

Bought Cracker Jacks

Made Soft Pretzels with Fleissman’s Pretzel Mix- (I was so surprised how easy it was!) The mix only makes about 9 small soft pretzels so if you are having a party you may be better off with frozen ones- or plan on spending a lot of time folding pretzel dough.

Warmed Up Frozen Corn Dogs- Found in the Freezer Section of your local big box store (Costco, BJs, Sams) I have a strange affinity for these and look for any excuse to have corndogs for dinner- but in hindsight I wish I had made it a little more special by making corn dog cups- Just use your favorite corn bread recipe and a muffin tin and put pieces of hot dog into the middle before for you bake… so yummy!

Warmed Up Frozen French Fries

Used my Cotton Candy Maker- again this can easily be purchased to make it even easier.



The packaging and presentation of the food is definitely what will make your event stand apart. The striped bags above (purchased from Oriental Trading) are perfect for peanuts or popcorn. Crackers, cookies and french fries are super cute served in cones. These can be purchased or are easily made- contact me if you would like a template. And I love my tiered circus tent cupcake tower- I have had this for quite a while and don’t remember exactly where I got it but I have seen it at party stores and Oriental Trading.




As you can see- I kept it super simple. I wanted to get the circus feel without using some of the cheesy decorations out there.

Table- One of my favorite design tricks to dress up boring table cloths is to pick out a few coordinating ribbons and drape them over the table. I like to make them different lengths to really add contrast to the display.

Tent- I LOVE my hoop canopy. This is definitely not the last time you will see it. It always adds an air of fantasy. I like to tie different color tulle to the hoop for different events. The red above made it feel like a circus tent but pinks and purples instantly evokes fairies and princesses.

Dumbo- So you have the circus elements what can you do to make it specifically Dumbo? Add Pink Elephants of course! I used my Create A Critter Cricut Cartridge for these. I hung plastic fillable ornaments to mimic the bubbles that dominate that scene.

Crows, Clowns and Trains also evoke Dumbo for me.



What Can you do for your Dumbo Themed Party?

Serve on a Train- Casey Junior is one of my favorite things in Dumbo- Use cardboard boxes to create train cars and serve a different item on each ‘car’

Hot Dog Bar- I love having different food bars at parties they give your guests an opportunity to get involved with their food and are always a hit! My biggest advice here is to get creative- add the ketchup, peppers and chili that you know everyone will love but also put a few out of the box options- I am always surprised at how popular the ‘different’ items are.

Other Circus Snacks- Funnel Cakes, Corn on the Cob on Sticks, Caramel/Toffee Apples, Salt Water Taffy, Chili Fries- don’t forget to personalize it by adding your favorite carnival treat!

Create the Fun Atmosphere of a circus by hiring performers. Clowns are always fun for kids! Balloon Artists, Acrobats and Animal Tamers are all great options. Don’t forget the carnival games, if you have a larger budget these can be rented at almost any party rental place, or get creative and make your own games- ring tosses, balloon darts, potato sack races, egg relays, duck ponds, and can knock downs are all really easy. Obstacle courses require a little more work and forethought but are so much fun!!

If you are in the Boston area and need help hosting your next event check out www.christinascelebrations.com. If you aren’t but need a little extra help flushing out some ideas don’t hesitate to ¬†contact me!



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